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Architecture is the science of projecting and creating buildings and structures that are part of our daily lives surrounding us and are integrated into the everyday experiences of all of us. As the top architects in India, at Malvi Gajjar, we are committed to providing the best architectural design services, not trading off the originality and uniqueness of each project. Our mission is to discover subtleties and emotions associated with architecture.

Our aim is always to shape and realize the ideas of our customers and helping them. Therefore, we invariably work by studying the tastes and thoughts of those who request us to formulate a solution based on their choices and demands.

best architecture companies in india

In contrast to what several people believe, not everything which is designed and constructed is termed as “architecture.” Architecture is an art that connects not only aesthetics but also technical issues. Where we reside, work, and utilize most of our time projecting, designing, and forming constructions, we must know how to combine several elements that will affect the end result. That is why there are very few buildings that can be regarded as “architectural sites,” as the majority of what we see are mere constructions. We are one of the leading architect in India who are committed to meet the “architectural” standard in every work we carry on instead of letting them perceived as constructions.

We specialize in crafting an architectural design solution in a personalized approach. These individual solutions are known by their freshness, skills, and creativity that we apply to our innovative projects. At Malvi Gajjar, we like to shape the dreams of all those who trust our architectural studios by acknowledging them with what they desire to accomplish.

If you are curious about the luxury architecture in India, we will provide you with views that you will love to hear. For us, luxury is synonymous with dedication, refinement, and expansion, as well as uniqueness, enthusiasm, and expertise. Our architects and professional teams are dedicated to offering innovative solutions by creating unique experiences in your residential or commercial architecture design projects.


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We believe in projects with feelings, and we have made eccentricity the core of our life. Besides, we love working with customers because it is important to understand their tastes and needs to create their homes and spaces highend that always suit them.

Regardless of the size, scale or type of the project, we like challenges. As a luxury residential architects, we believe that architecture is a holistic art. It covers the purely technical part of the architecture and passes the efficiency and function of good and even allocation of spaces. We also pay special attention to surprises and feel that small details such as chairs or furniture can produce.


Developing the unique architecture


From our unique architectural studio in India, we take sustainability very seriously. When we talk about the term, we are referring to buildings that are intended to optimize natural resources and methods of construction to minimize the impact on the environment as well as provide maximum comfort.

Weather conditions, hydrology, and the surrounding ecosystems in the area should be examined. After studying these aspects, components, and materials that lessen energy consumption must be set and built.

Creating unique and high-quality spaces is our primary goal, always providing an exceptional design to equip customers with more stability and comfort.

In an architecture project design, many determinants must be considered, and these determinants must be combined with originality and proprietary techniques. Good relationships with the environment determine the purpose of the project, which makes them unique.

Putting out a major revamp of a building or implementing a new construction project is a task that requires a lot of responsibility and devotion. That is where Malvi Gajjar architecture comes into action!

Benefits of working with the best architecture companies in India

Architecture design is a collaborative process. There is always a client, and there is an interpreter for the necessities of the customer. The association between the client and the architect firm is requisite, and the professional and trustworthy relationship between the two is the framework of every successful project.

Architecture making includes art and beauty, science & engineering, values ​​and trust, friendship and teamwork. It is one of the meaningful activities in life, which brings together different personalities, talents and expertise. For customers, architects and their teams, it is an adventure.

There are many ways to procure construction services, but they usually involve some main activities:

    • Design ideas and projects based on the needs of each client and the economic and environmental prospects we initiate. We are always looking for providing luxury, comfort and sustainability through our designs.
    • Work safely in keeping with the prevailing regulations.
    • Project accomplishments suitable to your established budget.
    • To establish an efficient and cost-effective project reducing the possibility of complications during work.
    • Design an ecosystem with a completely customized space, considering nature, and ensuring the quality of life of those who live in the home in the future.
    • Expertise to match client needs, promote smooth communication and understand project needs in detail.
    • Picking the proper material according to quality, visual appeal and durability.
    • To thoroughly plan, manage and perform all steps that constitute work and construction time according to budget and expected deadlines.
    • Demonstrate the processes and procedures required for each project.

What our client says?


Rajendra Vyas – Pune
MG team were able to provide me with several proposals for the layout of my project within very quick time of appointment and were really patient with me constantly changing my mind! They were also able to offer insightful advice on a lot of aspects of the project I had not yet considered. The whole team were extremely personable and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
Abhinav Dheer – Indore
Very impressed with the service and the attention to detail to my requirements. MG team were very polite and always delivered all there responses on time as discussed. Would highly recommend using them to anyone.
Vaibhav Parekh – Uttarakhand
Very professional and well-organized person. From the first meeting she was able to recognize my ideas into exactly what I want. She listen to our wants and design it with her professional touches. I cannot speak highly enough of Malvi.
Sumit Gupta – Noida
MG team did a great job in combining our personal taste with their brilliant recommendations. They met the deadlines and the budget. Their professionalism made the whole project go smooth and fun. Their great knowledge in space, made all the furniture fall perfectly.
Nehal Bhave – Bengaluru
I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we are in our new villa. Each room is so special, designed with our interests and preferences. Now we have a beautiful home where we can make so many wonderful memories. I can’t thank enough MG team for making our dreams come true!
Krishna Ojha – Mumbai
MG team carried out very nice job designing our three bedrooms apartment. They took the time for the design project to make sure - each area was just perfect, we worked closely together on every detail. It was great pleasure to work with them.