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Famous women architects and their architecture

In honor of women’s day, let’s shed some light on the outstanding contributions of women architects to the world of design. Many female architects have become through their spectacular architectural intelligence. They have influenced the past and the future by designing path-breaking structures that are artistic masterpieces. They have helped carve a path for more talented females to break the stereotypes and make a name for themselves in this field. So let’s talk about a few talented female architects


Zaha Hadid was an Iraqi-British architect, artist, and designer. After completing her degree in mathematics in Beirut, she moved to London in 1972 to study at the Architectural Association of Architecture. The boundaries between architecture, art, and design were insignificant for her. She was popularly known as the queen of curves as none of the structures that she made were straight; every one of them was curved, but they still were structurally sound and are still admired by millions. As Malevich, a Russian painter inspired her, she used his abstract geometric paintings and made them into an actual functional building, which gave her buildings an unreal look and created a very thin line between fantasy and reality. She has been honored with some of the most prestigious awards in the realm of architecture. She was often published in various architectural journals as well. The most famous design created by her was ‘The Peak,’ a leisure center in Hong Kong; although it was left incomplete, it got Hadid a lot of international recognition. Despite opening her own architectural firm in 1980, her first architectural project was the Vitra fire station in Germany, created in the year 1993. After that, she also continued to explore movement in architecture and let her creativity flow freely as she was a firm believer in innovation and pushing boundaries.


Jeanne Gang is an American architect known for her noteworthy and innovative comebacks through her architectural skills to the problems related to environmental and ecological sustainability. Gang is the founder and leader of a Studio Gang, she built in 1997, known for its architecture and urban design practices. Her most appreciated project is the Aqua Tower, 876 feet tall, 82 story skyscraper in Chicago, one of the tallest structures in the world designed by a woman. The Aqua Tower has earned many awards since its completion for its design excellence. It was not Jeanne Gang’s first architectural endeavor, but it surely put her on everyone’s architectural radar. The white concrete balconies surrounded by the modern box gave the skyscraper a sculptural quality that sets it apart and makes it unique. The balconies look good and provide functionality by protecting birds from bumping into the windows and giving shade to the neighboring apartments. Apart from her architectural built work, she is also known for pushing design’s ability through research, publications, and exhibitions to create public awareness and change the current design restrictions; she calls this ‘Actionable Idealism.’


Just imagine you bought a bunch of flowers and bought it home and placed them in a vase, but this is no ordinary vase, it helps fertilize the flowers, it also changes the color as they decay and also decomposes them, a well-known architect and designer Neri Oxman is trying to create this kind of a world. The designs created by her make the building truly alive. Her findings are so groundbreaking that it has given birth to an entirely new field, Material Ecology is made by combining computational design, digital manufacturing, and synthetic biology. It not only helps create designs inspired by nature, but it also contributes to manipulating nature itself, creating biodegradable substances that react to light and heat. Oxman has named such products as aesthetic wisdom of nature. She was born in Northern Israel, and her grandmother, an everyday gardener, inspired her to combine her architectural skills and her love for nature. She was a part of the Israel air force for three years before applying to Technion, which is Israel’s technological college, after which she got her Ph.D. from MIT and then became a tenured professor there. She received various awards, and her work is displayed at the Museum of Modern Arts and the Smithsonian. The year 2019 was declared the year of Neri Oxman by the architectural digest, which is considered the international design authority that features only the best architects and designers.


Born on the 2nd of January 1872, Julia Morgan was an American architect and engineer. She is a pioneer and inspiration to many women architects. She was the first woman to get admitted to the architecture program in Paris and the first woman to get her architecture license in California; she paved a pathway for many women architects to shine in this field and create masterpieces. Julia designed 700 buildings in California; Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California, is known to be her best work. Julia Morgan was well known for creating a style that brought culture and nature together. She was a passionate designer, so she designed with culture and purpose to change her client’s life and add meaning. She dedicated her life to many social causes, especially changing women’s lives for the better. She was an immensely talented woman with many talents; she loved physics and math and the music as she was good at playing piano and violin, which shows that she was dedicated and focused on everything she did since she was a child.

These women have helped change the course of architecture and designing; they went against the odds and now have made a name for themselves and encouraged women worldwide to do the same. Right now, only 17% of women architects. We encourage and support all women that want to become architects and help them create a profile fit for an architect.

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