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Interior Trends To Watch: What’s Hot In Home Design In 2024

Steve Jobs may not been an architect or an interior designer, but he was spot-on when he talked about the concept of design. This is what he had to say –
“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

In essence, design is something that must work for you. Otherwise, it is just aesthetics or decor. Hence, it is essential to keep in mind how we can make design a part of our work and life spaces in a meaningful way. Keeping the trends in mind helps because a lot of clients try and follow them and they expect the architects or interior designers to be aware of them too.

Many trends level up for an interior designer for 2024. If you see all of them pulled together they give a warm, cozy and yet a very sophisticated feel. The highlight is the inclusion of nature in the home design. Keep your eye open to watch out for these hot interior trends in 2024!

Warm and Minimal

Organic is still the buzzword. Despite having started since 2020 as a return to the past, organically aligned materials and earthy colours are in trend this year. Shun the greys and whites and the cool browns, beiges or terracotta are in fashion. All these warm colours again pull you to the concept of organic and natural at a minimal design level.

Green is in

Botanical infusions or biophilic designs in home spaces are now seen everywhere. In the concrete urban scenario, green touches of houseplants inside homes are not only welcome but also seen as an air purifying measure.

Getting Smart

IoT (Internet of Things) is slowly ensuring that homes and tech are now a symbiotic relationship. Voice-controlled or sensor-driven lighting devices to AI-driven appliances; everything is screaming smart! No longer do the homes just get designed around convenience but there are a lot of energy and sustainable efficiency processes involved too.
Adorned with Tiles
Suddenly the tiles are now getting more eyeballs than anything else. Porcelain tiles, terracotta tiles and traditionally crafted Athangudi tiles can make such a beautiful impact that you can’t ask for more. Terakota and Athangudi tiles are now making a statement comeback for floors and special welcome areas like foyers and courtyards. Porcelain tiles are adorning the backsplash areas like kitchen countertops and bathrooms.

Home Office Central

While a return to the office is the norm, the WFH concept is still very much preferred. Many have hybrid work settings. This makes it necessary to design a space or room that reflects the professional vibe of the office yet has comfort for long hours of work. Remote work requirements can lead to customizations with add a great touch to the home office spaces.

Traditional Minimalism

Indian classical design trends are in vogue and hence the traditional ideas are back but with a mix of modern furniture. Now you will see traditional tableware on a very modern dining table space inspired by furniture designs of Japanese or European modernists. Clean lines with traditional silhouettes create a very contrasting yet arresting attention to detail.

The Curves are in!

Curved furniture that is minimal in design, very futuristic to look at yet extremely ergonomic in details are in vogue. Essentially you get the mix of whimsical yet soft furniture inspirations to look forward to.

Textural Tenacity

This year is all about exploring different textures. Flat surfaces are no longer expected. Mixed and layered furniture elements with the marriage of textiles, wicker, traditionally crafted materials and uneven surfaces are now in trend.

Bold and Beautiful

The decor elements or the aesthetical aspect of homes are now more towards bold colours and prints. So there is more gravitation towards not only traditional art forms of India but also from elsewhere which throws in a unique colour touch to the spaces. Mostly, it is aimed to create a contrast with a minimal furniture setting.

Light in

Natural light is of course the primary element in the design process. While sustainability is the buzzword, it is making inroads into homes that are making a difference on the planet. Natural light in architecture is now being explored to light up farther inner rooms and harnessing of natural light in optimal way is being adopted more this year. Architectural design and shape are being created in unique shapes that are not only functional but also aesthetic.

While these are a few of the many trends you will see shaping the year 2024, the core aspects of sustainable design, design thinking to understand the living heritage and personalization dominate the look. It comes down to exploring the idea that – “Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.” So the trends in 2024 are reflective of the unique identities of the homeowners combined with functional and sustainable outcomes.
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