Living Room Design Ideas

10 Best Ideas to Make Your Living Room Look More Expensive

As an experienced interior designer, we have seen so many pros and cons of different types of materials, fixtures and colours. I suggest buying a few but quality items instead of cheap and many things. Quality materials and good aesthetic sense will make your living room classy and look more expensive. Your living room is a space where you and your family spend maximum time. Most of your guests will visit your living room first. Recreate a living room does not mean to break your bank balance. You should follow some excellent and effective rules and rest all done! Here are some best living room design ideas, keep exploring..

1. Use light colours on the wall

If you do not want to think much about color scheme, first thing you must do is to use white or light colours on your living room wall. Because of white walls, your living room will look more spacious. White or any light colour will make everything whiter and brighter.

2. Wall décor for one of your walls

Invest some amount in a beautiful art piece or wall décor to concentrate maximum focus over there. Your art effect can be the centre of your living room. You can set it on the most prominent wall, or over the sofa where you may get maximum blank space. If your wall piece looks smaller on your wall, and it is over the couch, put the art piece off centre.

3. Personal touch

Create one interesting art piece for your living room will be the best idea. Your created piece will reflect your interest and personality. You can also frame your family photo here. Visualise to add a picture gallery of your family on one wall to make your room more personalised.


Perfect and exciting lighting can create a very soothing effect and makes you want to stay in there forever. Explore table lamps and floor lamps. Artistic floor lamps act as an artistic effect, and also you can move it here and there to change the look of your room. Right placement of hanging lights can also create a dramatic glimpse of your room.

5.Mirrors on the wall

One of the great ideas to add a mirror on the wall of the living room. The mirror makes your room appear bigger. If your living room has a small area, use of mirror will give it an extra edge. You can make your mirror a highlighter of your room and design everything around it. Mirror also helps to bounce more light in the place.

6. Minimum is better

Minimum furniture is the best idea to make your room lighter, brighter and spacious. While creating a minimal design for your room, you must choose each and everything very carefully. Your selection must be classy. You have to choose from limited options to create the energy of your living room.

7. Add greens in your living room

Indoor plants purify the air is proven truth. Also, exotic green plants change the look of your living room. They create positive vibes in your room. Decide a beautiful place for your indoor plants. For indoor plants, purchase self-watering pots, so water will not come out from the bottom, and it will save your expensive furniture too.

8. Add a rug to transform your space

The carpet will set a colour scheme for your living room. You can buy it online. Find some good rugs online or local store, checking reviews for online shopping will help you to decide about the quality. Make sure about the size of your carpet. The oversized or small size of the rug will ruin your design of the living room. Ask your home design professional for the perfect size, design and colour of the carpet.

9. colourful pillows and curtains

Buy some exciting size and shape of pillows for your sofa. Pick the brighter colours. Match your throw pillows with your curtains, rugs and other soft furniture. Brighter and colourful pillows will give a youthful look for your living room.

10 declutter your living room

This one creates a significant impact on your living room interior. Sit on your sofa, look around in your living room right now! Do you find the stuff on the coffee table? Does your TV-unit is overflowing with books, files and posts? Does your bookshelf have some unwanted stuff? Maybe it’s time to clear the clutter. Reorganise your old stuff may give you a new and refreshing look.

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