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There are many decisions to make during the life of a residential project. There are countless tasks to be solved, from determining the correct amount of square footage for a new room to billing for the electricity requirement, browsing the internet for ideas, or customizing a design yourself.

So why hire an architect?

Architects and interior designers at MALVI GAJJAR explain why an architect helps make any upcoming home project a pleasant process and saves you some expense and design despair. 10 reasons to hire an architect for your residential project.

1. Adaptation of the building to the existing land.

The earth is ready. The dreams are transparent. So how do you perfectly tailor your dream project? Architects can connect the structure to the location. We design an experience, and part of the experience is the environment of the space of your dreams.

We know how to design a structure that reflects your dream and works efficiently in the given space, making the best use of entry and exit, parking, electricity, utilities, landscaping and all other factors that most people would not consider. Before starting a project.

2. Less expense.

In addition to placing the building in its intended location, the architects work to position and manage the project and keep expenses within budget. This includes strategic planning of operating costs for now and for years to come.

With every square meter that the building expands, costs increase. If we can find ways to be creative with spaces and design flexibly, we can reduce that square footage and, in return, cut expenses and put the money back in your pocket.

Moving your structure a few degrees here, or adding or removing a window there, can save you thousands of dollars in operating costs over the life of the building. We can modify any of these critical design elements.

The architect’s goal must always be energy-efficient design. Our goal is to add significant added value to your project through energy-efficient design at no additional cost.

3. Design for your needs and your lifestyle.

A client usually has a clear idea of ​​what he thinks he needs when designing a house.






The architect’s job is to listen to their story and understand what each room in the project is for. The architect can formulate designs and plans with as much precision as their vision can be presented with success, combined with a suggested layout for better use.

Rooms in a house can be efficiently designed directly from suggestions. Still, a great architect will see ways to maximize space, create additional options, and allow you to see space in a new way as it meets the needs of the lifestyle it reflects. Interpreted by the architect.

4. Know what to get before you build.

With the latest technology, teams of architects can help you see your project before spending a lot of money on unforeseen changes. With the knowledge and experience of an architect, these changes can be made on paper before costly design mistakes are made.

A lot of clients experience design progress through:

Virtual Reality

3D Drawings

Interactive Designs

The architect’s job is to turn his vision into a plan to visualize before purchasing the first material.

5. Creative use of materials.

It is not the architect’s job to select expensive materials but to attribute value to the chosen materials. When designing your project, an architect will lead the discussion about the use of materials.

Take an existing historic building or supplies and use them to design a structure. Renovation of a family heirloom that will help create memories in a new space. Consider eco-friendly options for lighting features, appliances, and energy-efficient structural designs.

6. Coordination with the contractor.

An architect will work with your contractor to avoid construction delays, delays, and overwork. This includes keeping track of the project to avoid tearing up and rebuilding areas that can be avoided with guidance.

When working with the contractor, architects like our team appear to be adaptable, dedicated and proactive, with the interests of the builders at the center. This helps with communication between the architect and the contractor and allows all parties involved in the project to be on the same page in terms of time, expectations, and results.

7. It is a relationship business.

Let’s be honest. A residential project can quickly turn into a “job” without an architect’s necessary knowledge and help. If you are working with an architect, you should hire a quarterback, not a set of drawings. You should work with someone who will act as the gatekeeper for the project and act as your voice in setting the quality and standard for the construction process and the project you are about to receive.

8. Representative for you and your project.

When you hire an architect, you have someone who is your spokesperson. This representative listens to you. They want to know who you are and what you want. Make the difference between buying a design plan online or hiring an architect and getting a personalized experience.

The latter is something you can and should be proud of because it is unique to you. You can buy a house. You don’t need an architect to buy a house. Working with an architecture firm, you can see parts of their vision coming together to make your home creative and unique.

9. Are you familiar with general questions/mistakes?

An online plan says, “This is your living room, and this is your sofa.” An architect says: “There are no walls in this living room to place your lamp.”

We know the problems. We see missing parts, we can design the living room to add the floor outlet in a great location, and it could cost 50,000 instead of adding it later for 2,000,000.

Architects know to know what problems are. What needs to be solved is paper instead of acknowledging these problems when it is too late. We think of the right questions and solve them on paper at the right time.

10. Fun

Every residential project should be fun. Yes, there are decisions to be made and budgets to consider, but it is the process of creating, designing, tracking progress, and ultimately living on the project you are creating that should be fun.

When making the most expensive purchase of your life, it’s essential to surround yourself with the right team that cares about your best interests. Architects give you the peace of mind of knowing that they are leading the way and delivering a project that you are proud of.

This is probably one of the most expensive assets you will ever buy; Therefore, it is imperative to have the right relationships. Hiring an architect costs some equipment, but instead, you get a representation to protect your most incredible wealth. It’s a relationship business that requires a quarterback to work for you, guide you, and manage the project.

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